Bonus Antarctic Projects

05.09.2021 | Marko Prokhasko

The main goal of the expedition was the book A Dream About Antarctica.I also managed to work on many other projects about Antarctica. Among them is this site you are on.

About the .aq domain

Since Antarctica belongs to no one and there are no states there, the .aq domain the institution in New Zealand is managing the domain. It provides services to those who are permanently engaged in activities in Antarctica. It may be research stations or scientific institutes whose employees regularly work on the continent.
A private person who has personally visited the continent and can provide a documental approval can also register his domain by submitting an appropriate application. At the beginning of 2021, I had the idea to submit a site about Antarctica on the .aq domain, and I succeeded. Together with my fellow programmer Taras Erstenyuk, we launched the site. It's name is, because there are no polar bears in Antarctica, although people often ask about them.

Photo gallery

There is never enough space on paper, especially if you need to filter out photos from Antarctica! This circumstance, you guessed it, creates two problems that need to be solved. Firstly, which pictures to discard, and which ones to print on the pages? I reached the mark of over 50 photos, but it was still too many. This situation prompted me to ask for help from my friend, photographer Petro Zadorozhnyy. We chose those photographs that you can see in the book A Dream About Antarctica. The second challenge is how to sleep well if readers cannot see at least all the best photos from the trip to the icy continent. Therefore, I decided to create an additional photo gallery with a lot of pics that everyone will see. We are working on this at the moment.

Video content

It would be foolish to miss the chance and not shoot as many videos in Antarctica as possible. You can already find some videos on the Facebook page. Also, you can follow the YouTube channel Ā«5 oceans | 7 continentsĀ» or watch videos at the gallery. If you visit there immediately after the book is released to the world, you probably won't find too much content there. But all because I devoted almost all my free time to the primary task - the book. But now, exhaling and inhaling again, I will willingly change the format of working with text on video. If you've read this far and liked it, maybe in a few weeks, you'll almost be able to reach a whale with your hand or watch penguins with me.

Audio series

When I was finishing a draft, the MEGOGO Audio team contacted me. They made me an offer that took my breath away: to join the creation of an audio series about a trip to Antarctica. My soul was happy. I could switch from writing a book to reading scripts. And then I could record in the studio, which I missed terribly from my student days.
This artistic series was created based on facts and events. Its director Dima Levytskyi pulled me into the plot of the story he wrote. He made me relive the trip to Antarctica again. The publishing house and the media service have planned a joint release of a book and an audio series about Antarctica. I hope you will be able to travel with me on this continent thanks to the sounds. Therefore, I sincerely invite you to listen to the story of the Antarctic journey in audio format. Special thanks to Julia Bilous.

The audio series Summer in Antarctica is available in Ukrainian for free. It is based on events - the journey of journalist and writer Markiyan Prokhasko, who was able to fulfill his dream and get to Antarctica.